SQLFool IDX Defrag Scripts

I just found out that Michelle Ufford (@sqlfool) has updated her Index Defrag scripts.  Right now she is looking for Beta testers.  Anybody that is interested could find more info at: http://sqlfool.com/2010/01/index-defrag-script-updates-beta-testers-needed/

Tweeting – I took the Dive.

In a previous post, I questioned how much Twitter could really do for me.  After some comments made, and some other blog posts that I have read – I decided to take the dive. Andy […]

Indexes Out the Window II

In Part I, I discussed some of the peculiarities and troubleshooting done in relation to a peculiar execution plan.  In this post, I will discuss some of what I did to further tune the query. […]

Indexes Out the Window

I ran into a peculiarly puzzling situation with a query I have been tuning of late.  The query runs some aggregations and performs a range scan based on a date value passed to the query. […]

PayPeriod Matching

Recently I was asked to alter a report to pull different more meaningful data.  The particular report was pulling data from the datawarehouse.  It had been recently modified to use a stored procedure (and subsequently […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok, so it’s not until November – but I am leaving on a Jet Plane nonetheless.  It will have been four years since the last time I attended PASS Summit.  This year, my ticket is […]