Free SQL Training in Seattle

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Published on: September 15, 2015

The annual SQL Server Professional migration is about to begin. Many of us will be descending upon the city of Seattle for a week of training and networking at the PASS Summit. The week in Seattle will invariably begin and end on different days for many people. And since many will be coming to Seattle in advance of the first day of the actual Summit, there may be some idle time available.

free training

Well, because of this, SQL Solutions Group decided to provide yet another opportunity for those that may have a bit of free time on their hands. So, on Oct 27th, SSG is offering a day of free training (with a small fee for lunch) provided by four of our Microsoft Certified Masters.

If you are in the market for some extra training, you are invited to attend this day of training. Please register at our EventBrite listing to attend and see the training that we have on tap for you on Oct 27th, 2015.

Here is a brief overview of the training that will be given:

Code Smells for the Consultant

Throughout my career, I’ve seen developers do some pretty crazy things to databases ( I know because I come from a developer background). Come to this session to learn both what I (and SSG) look for and why it’s bad for the database (or your career), and alternatives that can be used. Some of the topics that I will discuss include; how coding mistakes open up the database for SQL Injection attacks, how coding choices can slow down the server, and how design choices keep SQL Server dumb ( if SQL Server was allowed to be smart, it would be faster!). Trust me, your DBA will love you for identifying and fixing these code smells.

A Masters Passport to Extended Events

As is commonly the case, all good things come to an end.  And now is as good a time as any for the use of SQL Trace and Profiler to come to an end.  Let’s face it, Trace was a good tool and had some wonderful uses.  Profiler for that matter was a good tool and was useful at times.

It is time to let those old tools retire gracefully and move into the world of XE.  This workshop will provide you the means to let Profiler and Trace be retired from your tool-set as you discover all that XE has to offer.

This focused session on Extended Events will help prepare you to put this tool to immediate use as you walk back to your daily duties.  This workshop will teach you about Extended Events starting with the basics and moving through to some specific XE sessions that I would use to troubleshoot in a client environment – while doing so with minimal impact.

You will be exposed to advanced troubleshooting techniques as we work through complex issues that are made easier through the use of XE.  Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into the world of Extended Events and learn how you can make best use of this tool in your SQL 2008+ environment.

Practical Powershell for the DBA

Think of all the tools you use in managing your SQL Servers. All those SQL Servers being managed by tools and man that is a lot of clicks. We will show practical scripts and techniques to help you get a handle on all those clicks. Whether you are gathering data or statistics from your SQL Servers or deploying an object to all of them. Configuration items are not excluded from the need for good tools. PowerShell is that tool that will let you get away from all those clicks. Reusable scripts that let you manage all those instances with ease. This session will give you a great start on how to think about admin tasks using PowerShell scripts or modules. Many items are already out there to help you and we will take a good look.

Transaction Isolation Levels, Locking and Deadlocking

Managing concurrency is one of the most challenging aspects of working with any enterprise DBMS. There is much confusion out there about locking, blocking, and deadlocks.

In this demo heavy session we will clear up the confusion by defining what each of these items are and what their causes are. We will then dig into each of SQL Server’s built in isolation levels and explore how they affect concurrency. Understanding concurrency and how isolation levels impact it is one of the most important things you need to know as a SQL Server developer. But understanding when to use each one can be daunting. Whether you are a developer who needs to understand how isolation works and why NOLOCK is not an appropriate hint in most cases, or a seasoned DBA who needs to understand the less commonly used isolation methods, this session is for you. We will look at each level, how it impacts the engine, and examine appropriate (and inappropriate) use cases for each.


PASS Summit 2015 – Guess What?

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Published on: July 13, 2015

Quick run the other way!

PASS Summit will never be the same!


Well, because for the first time in the history of me, I have been selected to speak at such a prestigious event.

I'm Speaking Graphic_Large

Isn’t that just crazy?

In some ways it seems crazy. When I received the email I was exhilarated and completely astonished. I had hoped I would be selected, but did not entirely think it would happen this year.

I have to confess that I am honored to be one of the many to have been selected. This is really cool. You may be wondering why I am blogging about this opportunity soooo late after the speakers were announced. Well, the answer is rather straight forward. Life has been a bit crazy the past few weeks.

The last night of SQL Cruise I received a phone call from my family letting me know that my grandfather had become fatally ill. I spent the next several days with him in the hospital until he passed away a week later. Then there were the holidays and the funeral. And to cap that off, I flew down to Phoenix to speak to the two user groups last week. SO, it has been a whirlwind!

All of that said, I am announcing it now and really am excited to be a apart of such an AWESOME event.

Now for the surprise.

When I discovered which session had been selected, I was very surprised. I expected one of my Extended Events sessions to be picked. Nope! Instead, one of my other fun sessions was picked. We will be talking about Compression in SQL Server at Summit.

I am hopeful we are able to make this an exciting and enjoyable session for the attendees. I hope the attendees will also be able to take the information home and be able to use it for better (or worse) in their environments.

I do hope to see many of you in attendance. On the agenda for the attendees in this session will be:

  1. Dive into functions available to help learn about compression
  2. Evaluation of compression settings and possible savings
  3. Dive into the Pages
  4. A quick look at the CD and compressed data types
  5. Levity

Of course, I could just decide to change this on a whim – buahaha!

Summit 2014 – Next Impressions

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Published on: November 7, 2014

As Summit 2014 begins to wind down, it is time for some more impressions from the week.  The week has been good so far.  It has been very busy and also can be quite a drain mentally and physically from everything that has transpired.

If you are interested, I have written about some of my other impressions from the week, here.

Several years ago, I blogged about an incident with plagiarism with both an original post and a follow-up.  I bring that up, not to rehash the negative, but instead to discuss an impression from this week.  If you read the follow-up, you will see that I had a chat, at that time, with Steinar (twitter) about the problem and how to resolve it.  I met Steinar for the first time this week.  And to be honest, I had forgotten about the conflict and had removed the RSS feed since the original domain had gone down.

Anyway, Steinar and I had the chance to chat for the first time face to face this week.  Steinar, in my opinion, is a pretty cool guy that made a simple RSS mistake.  The impression is that he remembered me for how I treated him several years ago and was very appreciative of that.  How cool is that?  I really appreciate the opportunity to chat with him and that something I did left a positive impact on him.

Another opportunity is to be able to perform random acts of kindness or service while at Summit.  Much like helping Paul White learn how to use a smart phone, I had the even more rare opportunity to help Kalen Delaney (blog | twitter) out of a sticky situation.  It was a minor but frustrating thing that all of us run into from time to time.  The zipper on her Surface case had become stuck, so I helped her with that.  It’s a little thing but it is the type of thing that, if you are watching, you will see happening all over the place during the week of PASS Summit.

So, the next time you are at Summit, and while back in your local communities after the week has ended for Summit, keep an eye out for those little acts of kindness.  But at the same time, keep an eye out for those that might be watching you.  What kind of impression are you leaving for them or for the SQL Community?

Summit 2014 – Early Impressions

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Published on: November 5, 2014

Summit 2014 is upon us.  Unless you are still under a rock, you probably know that.  And if you are under that rock, I am curious how you are reading this.

While it is early on in the week for the PASS Summit, things have really been going since Sunday for many.  A lot has happened.  A lot has already been learned.  And yes, some new people have already been met.  So far so good.

Now is a good time for me to just jot down some of my early impressions from the week.

It has been nice to receive a couple of compliments this week from a few people on various things.  It is waaaaay cool to hear things such as the following from community members.  Here are some samples.

“You taught me something.” Paul Randal (blog | twitter) in reference to a recent blog post that you can read here.  It is great to hear somebody learned something.  That is a primary driver for putting up content on the web and trying to help in the community where possible.

“Your index script has saved my bacon several times!” Stuart Ainsworth (blog | twitter) talking about my missing index script here.  Again, totally cool.  I am happy to hear about successes from code that I have put out there.

Those are two big impressions that would be great takeaways for the week.

But then we have to start throwing in the learning that is part of the week is.  I have attended a couple of sessions and found myself inspired by some of the content as well as hopeful by some of the other content.

By attending a session about Extended Events, I learned about an API that can expose some XE data via powershell to extend the possibilities and uses of XE.  Since the referenced blog does not contain any of the proposed material (slides or demos) it is hard to do much more with it just yet.  I will continue to check the referenced site as well as the session information on the Summit website.

By attending another session, I learned about a new feature called the Query Store.  It is basically a “Hammer that can make a lot of things look like nails!”  That session was presented by Conor Cunningham.  And while the Query Store has some extended events that are exposed in 2014, the XEs are useless and do nothing until SQL v.Next.  It would be totally awesome to have it back ported but that has no chance of happening.

And to top all of it off, it was great to sit down and get a couple of client issues fixed during the lunch break.

This is what Summit is, a huge chance to recharge, learn and to get excited about the technology and what is coming.  Oh and every now and again, one might get the chance to teach Paul White how to use a smart phone.

Summit 2013 – Part the First

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Published on: October 16, 2013

While not technically the first day of Summit since the official start is yet to come, here are my thoughts on Sunday and Monday of PASS Summit 2013.

For many of us the week began Sunday evening.  Many, the start was not until Tuesday.  Others still might have started Monday or Wedneday.  My first day of Summit 2013 was actually last week as I began my travels to the East coast the Friday preceding SQL Saturday in Charleston, SC.

So, I want to share those experiences as a prelude to the events in Charlotte, NC.


The event in Charleston was a first time event in more than one way.  This was the first time that SQL Saturday had ever been presented in Charleston.  It was also the first time that the organizer had ever a) attended a SQL Saturday and b) organized a SQL Saturday.

The event was successful.  Some of that success can be attributed to many factors.  One factor I think was the quality of presenters that was selected.  Another big factor was the responsiveness of the venue and volunteers to help resolve issues big or small.  Another factor was the general help of the volunteers.  And finally, the attendees were FANTASTIC.

One big issue that we ran into affected all presenters in the afternoon for one of the rooms.  The projector died!  I just so happened to have my projector with me.  When it became apparent that nobody would be able to get the projector to work, we hooked up my projector.  Whether it was a Surface tablet or a normal laptop, we got it working.  We had different connectors and just made things work.

As an attendee, I took advantage to see sessions by Andy Warren, Laerte Junior, Grant Fritchey and David Klee

As a presenter, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting on compression.  Even with Andy Warren (who is a really really good presenter) sitting in the room trying to offer distractions.

I also enjoyed taking part in the two different QA panels in two different rooms as two of the three afternoon presenters no-showed.  The QA panels were a riot.  In one room we had Andy Warren and Shannon Lowder.  In the other room we had David Klee, Steve Jones, Mike Wells and Grant Fritchey.  I tried to split time between the two because they were different topics and questions in each.  The room with Grant, Steve et al ended up being largely entertaining as well as informative.  Yes, Grant is still preaching NO PANTS (even three days later).

From there, I rode with Wayne Sheffield back to Charlotte to start the actual events of Summit – with a few left hand detours on I-26.  You’ll have to tweet Wayne (blog | twitter) to get more details on the Charlotte motor speedway (I-26 and left hand turns).

Sunday was a slow day filled with mingling and talking to people who I haven’t seen in months or a year or so.  Combine that with the opportunity to network with people I have never met, and then those with whom I have only virtually met – and it was a good day overall.

Monday was the day to really start diving into the deep end of Summit 2013.  This is the day that I was supposed to get to “Color with Crayons” during the precon by Paul White. I am still waiting for my pack of crayons.  I know that was all just said in jest by Paul on twitter.  The session was an advanced look into the Optimizer and Execution Plans.  The session did not disappoint.  I have a lot of playing to do with the stuff learned from that precon event.

Monday evening was filled with a networking party where I met soooooo many of the SQLFamily with whom I have frequently chatted and talked.  That event was worth the price of admission and then some (cost of the meal 😉 ).  That event was shortly followed by a quick jaunt to the Friends of RedGate gathering a few blocks up the street.  Which, was another fantastic opportunity to meet and greet with more SQLFamily.

Tuesday is a bit of a different story.  Some people continue on with the precons.  Some people had various meetings to attend.  I was in the latter group.  I had meetings about SQLSaturday, Volunteering, and a meeting for Chapter Leaders.

Tuesday was capped with the Quiz Bowl that seemed to be over before it even started.  I think a good majority didn’t even know it was happening when it happened or that it had completed when it did.  Many were busy socializing or in a different part of the Welcome Reception where you couldn’t hear the announcements.

After the welcome reception (where the Quiz Bowl happened), I spent my evening at a bowling alley called Strike City.  There was an event for volunteers and another party hosted by Linchpin People.  The evening was filled with great networking opportunities and was time well spent.

Carolina Whistle Stops

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Published on: October 10, 2013

The SQL Crazy train continues chugging along this month.  The next two whistle stops are back to back in the Carolinas.

The first stop is coming up in just a few short hours.  I will be stopping in for SQL Saturday in Charleston South Carolina.  I have been selected to present on the topic of Compression.



The lineup is pretty rock solid for this event.  And nothing like extending a bit of training to encompass the SQL Saturday events if it just so happens you had intended to be in town for the next whistle stop – Summit 13.  I’ll talk about that in a bit.

There are a lot of speakers for this single day event that I would really like to see.  Looking at the schedule, I don’t know how I am going to pick which session to attend.  Every single time slot has at least two sessions that I would like to attend.  There are only 3 tracks!  At least this will give me practice in selecting which sessions to attend for Summit.

The next whistle stop is in Charlotte North Carolina.  Charlotte is the home of PASS Summit 2013.



Even better is that this year, the summit really does have a train – of sorts.

(Image is a link to the actual source at SQL Sentry – the sponsors of the trolley.)

SQL Sentry has been kind enough to sponsor the SQL Sentry Shuttle to help Summit attendees get around and see some of Charlotte while in town.  You can read all about it here.

Yeah – I will be boarding that train/trolley.

I have a busy schedule coming up at Summit 2013.  But, I am looking forward to meeting people and talking about whatever may come up.

Will you be at any of these whistle stops?  If see, say Hi.

Most Interesting People…

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Published on: November 21, 2012

Here are the most interesting people I met at PASS Summit 2012


Mickey Stuewe (sqlmickey)

Neil Hambly (neil_hambly)

Bob Hovious

Gail Shaw (sqlinthewild)

Ed Watson (SQLGator)






This is the short list of the many many many people I met while at Summit 2012 (the list is too long).  I appreciate the opportunity I had to meet each person whether mentioned in this post or not from the past week (Karla and Rodney Landrum, Tony Davis, Rob Farley, Jason Strate, Robert Davis, Wes Brown, Jes Borland, Martin Catherall, Tim Ford, Jim Murphy, Mike Fal, Louis Davidson, Kevin Kline, Jorge Segarra, etc, etc) .  This short list happens to be a list of people that I had a good amount of time to sit down around a table and chat for long periods throughout the week.  Some of them I even had the opportunity to chat multiple times.  They are all interesting for different reasons.  And some I have known for a fair bit longer than just this last week at Summit through online interactions and so forth – but I never actually met them until this last week.

Why are these the most interesting five?

I found them interesting for different reasons.  You should have your own list of most interesting people you met.  Here are my reasons for them being the most interesting in the order I met them at Summit.

Neil Hambly

I met Neil briefly for the first time at the MCM study group Sunday evening.  Two things that stood out immediately was his accent and that he was blunt and to the point.  Neil strikes me as a person that pulls no punches and tells it straight.  I like that.

Neil is very personable and very funny.

Ed Watson

Ed has an easy going southern kind of charm.  I met him Sunday evening as a bunch of us gathered at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We sat and joked all evening.  We talked about amusement parks for a bit and mostly talked about a lot of stuff that was inconsequential.  Like myself, Ed has no problem having Cheesecake as a meal.  I frequently prefer to have my desert first, so thought this was cool that somebody else was willing to go against the grain.

I ran into Ed several times throughout Summit and we had several opportunities to chat.  I enjoyed meeting him and having so many opportunities to just chat and joke.

Gail Shaw

I have known Gail longer than any of the others on this list.  But I had never actually met her in person.  Like Neil, Gail will tell it to you straight.  She too has a thick accent being from South Africa.

With being busy at Summit, Gail was still finding time throughout the day frequently to continue to help people online.  That stood out to me quite a bit.  There are some very good reasons for why she was doing it too.  But in the true sense of giving of her time, she was making time to continually try and help people.  She was even asked last minute to fill in and present.

If you have the chance to get to know Gail, you will appreciate the opportunity.

Mickey Stuewe

The timeline for meeting Mickey gets a little grey here.  I actually ran into her the first time at the Exceptional DBA awards party.  We didn’t actually sit down and do a lot of chatting until Friday evening though.

Friday evening, a bunch of us met at the Crab Pot.  The food was really good and really too much!  There were about 12 of us in the group and Mickey and I were sitting across from each other.  We had a good long conversation about things from health to Summit to volunteering to performance tuning.

Mickey laughed a lot.  She also happened to be wearing her own design of SQL jewelry. Should you get the chance to meet her, you will probably find her laughing.  If she isn’t laughing – you should probably be able to make her laugh.

Bob Hovious

Bob (known as the Dixie Flatline on SQLServerCentral) is a grey haired gentleman with a lot of insight, good stories and deep knowledge.  Bob is a former lawyer and is a hoot. I enjoyed him prodding at Gail from time to time for a reaction.  Gail just played along – but it was fun.

I really enjoyed many of the stories that Bob shared.  Bob and I shared a lot in common and that is a big reason as to why we talked a lot.  Bob is a personable man with plenty of southern charm.  Bob is a good person and it seems to me that he likes giving back to the community.

Who are the five most memorable people you met at Summit?

Part of going to Summit is the huge opportunity to network with others.  If you are reading this, think about the people with whom you socialized during Summit week.  Who are the most interesting people you met?

T-SQL Tuesday #36 SQL Community

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Published on: November 12, 2012

Community – What is it?

Community is something that is improperly defined with words alone.  Community is best defined through first person experience.  Community is a feeling and a sense more than it is a definition in “pick your dictionary here.”

So how do you experience this thing we call the SQL Community (or SQLFamily as we have dubbed it)?

Let’s examine that question next…

Experience the SQLFamily

The SQLFamily has been really good about putting itself out there and helping others.  If you use twitter you may have become acquainted with the #sqlhelp hashtag.  If you use twitter and participate in some of the discussions streaming nonstop from various corners of the family, you can see how quickly you might have been adopted into the family.

Still with the twitter theme, you might also see on frequent occasion something posted to the #sqlfamily hashtag.  Personal news might be posted to this hashtag from time to time.  In times of personal duress, the family comes together to show some strength.  Though not as tough as what others may have posted, I saw this first hand last year when away from the family on business and my daughter had an almond experience of the third kind.  You can read about that here.

Outside of twitter, the SQLFamily has been very progressive in getting more training out to the masses.  This training comes in the form of SQL Saturday and PASS Summit.  PASS Summit just wrapped up on November 9 and was a rather large family gathering.

At Summit, you may run into some princesses, some kilts, and maybe even some red lights along with all of those really big names that you see on twitter, the intertubes and so forth.  Here is a bit of what I mean (all pictures used with permission by Pat Wright (twitter) and can also be found on his flickr stream here).

From the Princess (Rumor has it she will be starting a blog soon.  This Princess has a name and it is Andrea Allred (twitter) ).

To a PASS Tradition – yes those are kilts.

Maybe even some flashing red lights (this might have been after SQL Karaoke)

And rounding it out with the Community Zone (I blogged about that here).  You might recognize some of the SQLFamily here (Tim Ford (twitter), Sarah Strate (twitter), Allen Kinsel (twitter), Louis Davidson (twitter) in far background to name some of them).

And this was all from the Emerald City of Seattle.  We will miss you next year Seattle as we visit Charlotte.

Community in the SQL world is not always about straight laced SQL and nerdery about the product we dearly love.  But it is about relaxing and having a good time with your friends too.  And when you are in this family – there are many friends.  The family is very open and accepting.  When they greet you, don’t be surprised if they attempt to hug you – it’s family.


Thanks to Chris Yates for hosting the TSQL Tuesday party this month.  You can read the original invitation here.  The rules for participation are in the invite.  Check it out along with anybody else that may have submitted an entry this month.

Summit 2012 Community Zone

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Published on: November 2, 2012





Will you be at Summit 2012?

I will be. I will even be pretty easy to find on multiple occasions.  If you haven’t seen my schedule already – you can check it out here. You’ll probably notice that there are a few times where I will be in a very public spot helping at a booth of some sort (like the Apress booth with my book).

There are two times that you will find me as a volunteer with PASS helping out in the Community Zone. What is the Community Zone you ask? Well, it is mostly a place were you can just sack out on the bean bags (I hope they are LoveSacs – they are sooo comfy!). Not just kidding – though you could relax on the bean bags if you wanted.

From the PASS Summit Community Zone page, the CZ is a place to help you stay involved.

Want to stay involved in the SQL Server community year-round? Check out the Community Zone at PASS Summit 2012 and talk with PASS Community Evangelists, user group leaders, SQLSaturday organizers, and other SQL Server community groups about how you can participate.

The CZ is also a place where you can get some swag or get your game card to have a chance at some cool prizes.

The game card is for a networking game that involves you talking to and meeting other people at Summit.  Here is the full description in the email sent to me:

Networking Game:  We will start handing out the cards at the CZ when it opens on Wednesday. The game is actually two parts.

a.       Meet 10 people from outside of the country where you live and learn something interesting about their country. They will be required to write these individuals names down, along with what they learned, and what country they are from. We will have “icebreakers” and networking tips listed on the back of the game card to help them out. Once they have all 10, their card will go into the raffle drawing, which will be held right before the BoF lunch in the Exhibitors Hall (our drawings will be immediately after the Exhibitor raffles are done)

b.      Part two, the spin-off game from the above involves pics. The attendee who manages to get the most pictures taken of themselves with the people they meet, will win top prize. If we have several who get all 10, then we will of course do a drawing. We want to encourage folks to bring their pics by often, so we can copy off and possibly use in slides before the keynote Thursday, but also so we can get them up to flicker. Social Media will also be doing some picture contests, as well as several other fun social media games. The Community Zone will also be on FourSquare among other HOT Summit spots!

c.       Now the prize details:

For the completed networking game card drawing, the first winner drawn will get their choice between a Surface tablet or a $250 Amex Gift Card. We will draw a second person for this first game, they will win a MSFT Arc Mouse.  For the picture contest portion of this, the first drawn winner will receive whatever the first winner didn’t select (either the tablet or the gift card).  And we’ll do a runner up to this game as well, who will also receive a MSFT Arc Mouse. Great prizes, don’t you think!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some pretty good stuff to win just for talking to a few people.

If that kind of networking game isn’t your cup of tea, there is still the opportunity to get some daily swag. Each day there will be various new activities tweeted or written on the boards in the CZ.  Go do that activity and you can get some swag.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – right?

So where is this Community Zone?  Glad you asked.  The CZ will be near the SQLClinic, Bookstore, Exhibit Hall and the Lunch Hall.  It is in the Skybridge on the 4th floor. Directly across from the CZ you will find the PASS kiosks.  I hope you are able to find it and come visit!

*PASS Summit logo is hosted by the PASS Servers and is merely present via a link to the PASS website.

Summit 2012

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Published on: November 1, 2012

In case you have been living under a rock (I know it’s not under my rock), here is your notice that Summit 2012 is just a few days away at this point.

I will soon be boarding a jet bound for Seattle for a week full of all things SQL.  When I say all things SQL – there isn’t much exaggeration to it.

During my week at summit, I will be busy from pre-dawn to post-dusk every day.  That is  not an atypical experience for Summit – but the reality hit me firmly as I finalized my daily schedule for next week.

Since I put it together, I decided to share it so others may see all that may be available to them.

I arrive Sunday.  That evening after getting settled in, I plan to join the MCM study group (and maybe have the Sunday night NFL game on in the background).

Monday is a free day of learning hosted by Red Gate and their SQL in the City series. You can see the agenda here. After the event there is the after event social party.  That party overlaps with the Networking Dinner hosted by Andy Warren (twitter) and Steve Jones (twitter) at Gordon Biersch.  This dinner is a pre-registration event (as is SQL in the City).  You can register here (if they have slots available).

Tuesday is a big day.  Tuesday I will be taking the MCM Lab exam in the morning.  Upon completion I hope to decompress for a few hours prior to the evening events.  In the evening we have the Welcome reception/Quiz Bowl sponsored by SQL Sentry.  Immediately following that, there are two events at the same time.  The first is the Speaker/Volunteer party.  The other is another Red Gate event – The Exceptional DBA Awards and SQLServerCentral party. For those from the US, this is also Election Tuesday.  I hope for those from out of town you voted early or are sending in an absentee ballot.

Wednesday we jump into the sessions that I planned on attending (XE, SQLOS and Perf Tuning on my docket).  But in addition to those sessions, I will be at the Apress booth (booth 342) from 12:30 – 1:00 and Wayne Sheffield (twitter) representing our book. And before anything even gets going Wednesday, I will also be at the Summit Community Zone from 7AM to 8AM.  In the evening there is the Exhibitor Reception.  And for anybody into Karaoke – you can do either of the two Karaoke events at about 9PM that evening.  Don’t forget to wear your SQL Saturday shirt(s) on Wednesday.

Thursday I will be at the Community Zone again from 7AM to 8AM.  If you have a kilt – wear it Thursday.  I plan on attending the Query Tuning Mastery, Transaction Isolation Levels, and Recovering Lost Data sessions on Thursday. That brings us to the evening when we have the Community Appreciation Party that runs from 7PM to 10PM.

Friday we are on our last leg wrapping things up and hoping to not be overloaded by this point.  The session I am most looking forward to is the last one of the day by Paul White (twitter). I mean who wouldn’t want to end summit by attending a deep dive session into the Query Optimizer.  In fact I know Wayne Sheffield is presenting during the same time and he was hoping nobody would come to his session so he could attend Paul’s session instead.  Of course he said that in jest, because he wants to do his presentation.  But at the same time he really wants to get to Paul’s session. At the conclusion of this session, my agenda is concluded leaving Friday night my only open night.

I am looking forward to meeting you and chatting. If you see me, say hi. But please don’t try to interrupt my exam. 😉

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