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Published on: November 2, 2012





Will you be at Summit 2012?

I will be. I will even be pretty easy to find on multiple occasions.  If you haven’t seen my schedule already – you can check it out here. You’ll probably notice that there are a few times where I will be in a very public spot helping at a booth of some sort (like the Apress booth with my book).

There are two times that you will find me as a volunteer with PASS helping out in the Community Zone. What is the Community Zone you ask? Well, it is mostly a place were you can just sack out on the bean bags (I hope they are LoveSacs – they are sooo comfy!). Not just kidding – though you could relax on the bean bags if you wanted.

From the PASS Summit Community Zone page, the CZ is a place to help you stay involved.

Want to stay involved in the SQL Server community year-round? Check out the Community Zone at PASS Summit 2012 and talk with PASS Community Evangelists, user group leaders, SQLSaturday organizers, and other SQL Server community groups about how you can participate.

The CZ is also a place where you can get some swag or get your game card to have a chance at some cool prizes.

The game card is for a networking game that involves you talking to and meeting other people at Summit.  Here is the full description in the email sent to me:

Networking Game:  We will start handing out the cards at the CZ when it opens on Wednesday. The game is actually two parts.

a.       Meet 10 people from outside of the country where you live and learn something interesting about their country. They will be required to write these individuals names down, along with what they learned, and what country they are from. We will have “icebreakers” and networking tips listed on the back of the game card to help them out. Once they have all 10, their card will go into the raffle drawing, which will be held right before the BoF lunch in the Exhibitors Hall (our drawings will be immediately after the Exhibitor raffles are done)

b.      Part two, the spin-off game from the above involves pics. The attendee who manages to get the most pictures taken of themselves with the people they meet, will win top prize. If we have several who get all 10, then we will of course do a drawing. We want to encourage folks to bring their pics by often, so we can copy off and possibly use in slides before the keynote Thursday, but also so we can get them up to flicker. Social Media will also be doing some picture contests, as well as several other fun social media games. The Community Zone will also be on FourSquare among other HOT Summit spots!

c.       Now the prize details:

For the completed networking game card drawing, the first winner drawn will get their choice between a Surface tablet or a $250 Amex Gift Card. We will draw a second person for this first game, they will win a MSFT Arc Mouse.  For the picture contest portion of this, the first drawn winner will receive whatever the first winner didn’t select (either the tablet or the gift card).  And we’ll do a runner up to this game as well, who will also receive a MSFT Arc Mouse. Great prizes, don’t you think!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some pretty good stuff to win just for talking to a few people.

If that kind of networking game isn’t your cup of tea, there is still the opportunity to get some daily swag. Each day there will be various new activities tweeted or written on the boards in the CZ.  Go do that activity and you can get some swag.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – right?

So where is this Community Zone?  Glad you asked.  The CZ will be near the SQLClinic, Bookstore, Exhibit Hall and the Lunch Hall.  It is in the Skybridge on the 4th floor. Directly across from the CZ you will find the PASS kiosks.  I hope you are able to find it and come visit!

*PASS Summit logo is hosted by the PASS Servers and is merely present via a link to the PASS website.

PASS Subcommittee

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Published on: March 31, 2011

In February I posted this post about the need for Volunteers for SUMMIT 2011.  I submitted my application to volunteer.  This past week I got word back concerning that application.  I am pretty happy that I have the opportunity once again to serve on a subcommittee for the upcoming SUMMIT.

What does this mean?  Well, I am really looking forward to participating and helping with the event in any way I can.  It also means that I will not be submitting any abstracts this year.  I have a goal in the back of my mind to some day submit an abstract for Summit as well as simply speak at more and more events where possible / feasible.

The restriction on submitting an abstract comes from the subcommittee on which I will be serving.  I foresee this as being an exciting assignment as well as an opportunity to get to know many people a little better.

Here’s looking forward to an Exceptional Summit in 2011.

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