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Published on: January 16, 2012

Twitter and Your Career

With the new blog party on the block, we have Jason Strate (blog | twitter) asking us this month these two questions:

  1. Why should average Jane or Joe professional consider using twitter?
  2. What benefit have you seen in your career because of twitter?

But first, a little background.  This blog party is an experiment in exploring the use of social networking and other medium (such as blogs) to enhance your career and professional development.  You can read about that in the link from this months invitation.

For myself, it will be very useful to participate as I explore these kinds of questions in answer for myself.  So, let’s get to the two questions at hand for this months topic.

Why should average Jane or Joe professional consider using twitter?

This question is one I had to explore back when I first started using twitter.  I even wrote a blog or two about it.

I first was having a difficult time justifying it for myself.  I wrote about that here.  But a little while later, I started to see that there was some worth to it and decided to take the plunge.

There are many benefits to twitter.  One benefit is that twitter is one method to announce information relevant to the local User Group.  Another top notch reason is that there are many very intelligent people watching twitter to help answer questions.  There are hashtags for SSRS, SSIS, SQLHelp and other topics.

If you are in a crunch and having a problem – twitter is often a very fast way to get a solid answer.  Call it an online helpdesk with quality and personality rating very high on the list.

What benefit have you seen in your career because of twitter?

Personally, I enjoy the benefit of the new friends and SQLFamily that twitter has exposed.  I sometimes find the time to lurk on twitter and enjoy in the conversation that is taking place.

Through the conversations that are occurring on twitter I find that it gives me a nice break from the work of the day.  It also gives me access to find interesting topics and articles that others have read or written.  But the best part boils back down to SQLFamily.

Check it out sometime – I think you will find that it is worthwhile.

SSSOLV: Twitter Compliant

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Published on: August 24, 2010

This is just a short blast about the Las Vegas User Group called SSSOLV (Web | Twitter).  I am not certain why it took so long for us to do this, but we have finally got the UG on a twitter account.  We plan to use this medium to help blast UG news.

SSSOLV is now @S3OLV

Tweet, Tweet, Tweetilly Deet

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Published on: January 18, 2010

In a day and age when information abounds and social networking is the only way to communicate (a bit of an exaggeration, I know), it seems to be a rarity when one does not conform.  I just happen to be one of those rarities.

I don’t find the need currently to tweet.  I don’t know how I would find any more time in the day to add one more thing to do.  Particularly when tweeting seems to be an activity that would be time intensive for any real purpose I would deem reasonable to make tweeting necessary.  I tried the facebook thing for a bit, and found it to be just a gossip network.  I do participate in LinkedIn.  LinkedIn works nicely for me because it is a professional network.  Tweeting seems like it could go either way – gossip or professional.  Twitter does seem a bit more difficult to integrate into the work environment than LinkedIn and could prove to be a big distraction.

Tweeting could be a useful activity, and may enter into my tool-belt sometime in the future.  That won’t be until it seems to be more conducive to my current activities.  Having recently started my blog, I am finding that there is a substantial time requirement to get it up and running, tweaking it, and then writing the posts.  Some of these posts are quick and easy, while others take more time and preparation.  Just the other day, my wife (Krista) called this blog my “other child.”  This was due me splitting my free time between blog and children.

Also recently, Krista commented on my priorities.  She said that I didn’t even have myself listed on my priorities.  If I don’t have time for myself in my own set of priorities, how could I possibly add another time detractor to my list of priorities?  She also said that my priorities seem like: 1.) Work, 2.) Work, 3.) Work – but then she said she was joking.  And she was.  That doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.  I try to keep things well rounded between work, family (wife and children), church, community, and service.  The work, work, work does have some validity to it – since I am also trying to get my personal business going alongside full-time employment.

I imagine someday that only one of those two jobs will exist and there will be more time for tweeting.  I do think though, that it would be used mostly as a professional tool – even with the limitations that tweeting does exhibit.

I am curious to know how other DBA’s who tweet manage it?  How do you find tweeting to integrate professionally?

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