Why All The Fuzz?

I really must thank Steve for his editorial on FizzBuzz.  It seemed like a really good topic to do some testing and comparison.  Then the comments started rolling in on the topic.  This provided more […]

I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got!

Or am I? As I proceed down the path on a consolidation project, I have taken time to pause and ponder the approach.  One driving goal is to shrink our footprint.  Another goal is to […]

May I help you?

With the Vancouver games underway, I have been reflecting on the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Those were the greatest winter games ever.  With or without the Figure Skating scandal.  Upon completion of those games, I […]


I have been pondering recently what helps me to sleep at night.  Or, conversely, what prevents me from sleeping at night.  This is different than the calls in the middle of the night or the […]

Pirate Latitudes

This is a book that was published posthumously.  Michael Crichton wrote this novel and left it “finished” in his attic.  I picked it up thinking it might be a good read.  Having read it now, […]


This month Rob Farley is hosting TSQL-Tuesday #3.  The topic is Relationships and he has left it wide open for interpretation so long as it can be tied to the theme and SQL Server. At […]