My Book Contributions

One of the really super cool things about the SQL community is the frequent opportunity one could have to get involved.

One of my favorite methods of getting involved is the varied ways to participate on a book project.

Data Professionals at Work Book

Not only will you encounter some interesting stories, but I believe you will also encounter some interesting insight into some of the contributors for this book: Data Professionals at Work.

How to be an MVP Book

When it comes to characteristics of an MVP, the two groups (geek and jock) are no longer at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Rather, they are very similar in nature which makes this such a great tool to help relate to many teams of different types. Business leaders, youth leaders, coaches, and the it crowd can all benefit from reading this book.

HealthySQL – A Review

A quick look into the book by Robert Pearl: Healthy SQL.

Top 10 Recommended Books…

So the title says it all, right?  Well, only really partially. Recently an article was published listing the top 10 most recommended books for SQL Server.  That’s the part the title doesn’t say.  It is […]

Where in the World is…

You may or may not have noticed that over the past several months I have been somewhat absent from my blog.  Very few articles if any have been produced.  There has been a very good […]


Not too long ago, I blogged about a Book called Daemon.  Freedom is the sequel to Daemon. I enjoyed reading this book.  The story continues from Daemon, but in a largely different direction.  I like […]

SQL Deep Dives 2 on the Kindle

Since Deep Dives 2 came out, I had been putting off getting my copy of the e-book until I wanted the book for travel purposes.  I decided I really needed to have it loaded on […]

Throne of Fire

Finally, I have completed another book.  I took the opportunity while traveling to catch up on some reading.  Better yet, I was able to do this while testing out my Kindle. The book I just […]