The Lightening Thief

Review of the Lightening Thief movie in lieu of the Book review.

I am putting this movie review in with the book reviews, though technically it is not a book.  I figure it works well there since I read the book and really liked the book.

A lot of artistic liberty was taken with the screen play for this book.  Anybody that has read the book should go into watching this movie with the understanding that it is an almost entirely different story.  Some characters have changed, major pieces of the story was changed, and many characters and events were entirely omitted.

The movie was roughly two hours long and did not feel like two hours.  Adjusting to the movie being a different story than the book had to occur very early in the movie – otherwise this could have been a long nitpicking affair.  I liked some of the changes, others were less acceptable.  Again though, it was a different story.  There is no “claiming” event where Poseidon claims Percy.  I felt that was an essential piece of the story.  The camp was a forest campground rather than a farm.  There was also no Dionysus and no Oracle (thus no official quest).  However, I think they made the story work.

The ending was substantially different than the book.  I really do not see how they would do a next movie in the story should they decide to do one.  if they make a movie to go along with book two, I would be very interested in seeing how they decided to do it.

Overall I would give the movie 3.5 stars if it must be rated.  The rating is due to the adjustment necessary to the different story and trying to get the book clear of present thought in order to enjoy the movie.  Oh, and Uma was horrendous.  Her best acting was after she was beheaded.  Would I watch it again?  Yes I will watch it again and I will likely buy the DVD / Blu-Ray when it comes out.  That may be swayed if it has no French language track though.

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