Extended Events, Birkenstocks and SQL Server

I bring you yet another installment in the monthly meme called T-SQL Tuesday.  This is the 67th edition, and this time we have been given the opportunity to talk about something I really enjoy – […]

SSIS: Value does not Fall Within the Expected Range

Every now and again I find myself working with SSIS for one reason or another.  Every now and again I find myself fighting with SSIS because it provides less than useful error messages.  This is […]

Using Synonyms to Extend SSIS

There are a million and one uses for synonyms.  There are at least that many uses for SSIS.  The reality is, not all of those uses are good for you nor for your data nor […]

September Performance Contest

This month SafePeak is sponsoring a contest centered around improving performance in SQL Server. The host of the contest is my friend Robert Pearl.  You can read the announcement from him about the contest here. […]

Performance Tuning – Over the Top Biz Logic

This month, Robert Pearl is helping to host a Performance Story contest.  The contest is being sponsored by Safe Peak, and you can see more about it – here. The timing on this contest actually […]

Why All The Fuzz?

I really must thank Steve for his editorial on FizzBuzz.  It seemed like a really good topic to do some testing and comparison.  Then the comments started rolling in on the topic.  This provided more […]

I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got!

Or am I? As I proceed down the path on a consolidation project, I have taken time to pause and ponder the approach.  One driving goal is to shrink our footprint.  Another goal is to […]