Data Head

Well, it’s official.  I am a Data Head.  It doesn’t change too much my level of geekiness.  But I may have to rethink one of the answers given during that interview. The Data Head profiles […]

In The SQL News

There is a lot of stuff going on out there these days.  I am looking forward to a few things.  And since I am looking forward to them, I thought there are others out there […]

September Performance Contest

This month SafePeak is sponsoring a contest centered around improving performance in SQL Server. The host of the contest is my friend Robert Pearl.  You can read the announcement from him about the contest here. […]

Stored Procedures – Common Security Practice

In SQL Server a good practice is to access the data via calls through stored procedure.  Have a look at the document available in that link. To further this practice, one may create a database […]

Performance Tuning – Over the Top Biz Logic

This month, Robert Pearl is helping to host a Performance Story contest.  The contest is being sponsored by Safe Peak, and you can see more about it – here. The timing on this contest actually […]

Column Level Permissions

Did you know that you can grant permissions down to the column level in SQL Server?   Well, if you didn’t know that – you do now. It is actually rather simple to grant permissions […]


It has been a looooong time since I wrote a little book review.  It’s nice to take time out with a little fantasy to ease and please the brain. Just because I haven’t written a […]

What Happens in Vegas…

…Need not Stay in Vegas Coming to Las Vegas in 2012 is an event many have been waiting for.  Those that have been waiting for this event are the SQL professional type.  And believe me, […]

T-SQL Tuesday #22 – Data Presentation

Data Presentation is not just about the look of a report.  Data Presentation involves performance, accuracy, display and the business requirements.  By giving proper attention to each of these facets, the Data presented will be both remarkable and acceptable to the end-user.

Hustle and Bustle to Kick off September

September is kicking off with a boom for me.  In one week, it seems I will be here, there and everywhere.  Between SQL, PASS, Family, and User Group – this is shaping up to be […]