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Published on: September 6, 2011

I really meant to get this post out last week.  My apologies, but here is the post finally.  Along with the post, I also had meant to get the invites for Livemeeting and from Evite for the meeting out – but failed there too.

Now that I have finally got those invites out, I can get this post out – without a moment to spare.  The S3OLV meeting for September 2011 will be in just two days on September 8, 2011 at 6:30 PDT.  Despite the late notification and dispersal of information – I hope you will be able to find the time to share with us that night.

The Las Vegas SQL User Group has another cool opportunity to hear from somebody from outside of the usual group.  This month we have Joel Champagne presenting to us.  Joel has provided the following abstract for his presentation.

Managing test data and stress testing your SQL applications

With Visual Studio 2010 Premium (and Professional to a degree) delivering similar capabilities to what was available in VS 2008 Database Pro Edition, the ability to generate a mass amount of sample data for your database has only gotten more accessible with time.  This talk will take a quick look at some of the available functionality for SQL developers who have access to Visual Studio 2010.  Realizing that other tools exist in this space and not all SQL developers use Visual Studio, we’ll also take a look at the third party data generation facility available in SQL-Hero, seeing how we can create thousands (or millions!) of records very quickly using a powerful rules engine, plus automate this process to support continuous integration strategies.  For example, we’ll take an existing production database with sensitive data, run a simple script that obfuscates the sensitive data and publishes it as an updated development environment.  Joel will also discuss how he’s used these tools to uncover possible performance problems prior to release of large applications.

In addition to Joel giving this presentation, we wanted to also share some other news for the User Group.  24 hours of Pass is September 7 and September 8.  There are many good sessions to attend.  Find something that interests you and check it out this week.  You can find more info here.

Also, the User Group has a daily publication that needs content from the group.  We are publishing the S3OLV Journal on a daily basis.  We are getting great content from multiple sources.  We want to use this resource to get more localized content.  We really want to hear what you have to say and contribute.  You can check out this publication here.

If you would like to contribute anything, contact Charley or myself and we can get it into the journal.  Or you can tweet what you need added to @S3OLV.

If you would like to join our meeting, here are the details:


Attendee URL:  https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/UserGroups/join?id=32795G&role=attend

Meeting ID:  32795G

In Person:

M Staff Solutions & Training

2620 Regatta Drive Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Windows 7

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Published on: September 1, 2011

The other day I logged on to my backup laptop (Win 7 N 64 Bit) and had this nice little warning and error message to greet me.  My activation had failed and had been nagging me from the systray.  Too bad I ignored it for a month or so.

Now I was a bit in panic mode.  I knew what the issue really was – but couldn’t find that silly little fix on the net.  See, my Windows came from my MSDN subscription.  I used this to reinstall Windows after getting my hard drive replaced following the disaster I blogged about back in June.

I knew that the key that I had was legit – and that my copy of Windows was indeed authentic and legit.  It’s just that sometimes Windows needs a little extra prompting to stop nagging you about that darned activation.  And you kinda need to get it activated to make sure you can properly patch your system and avoid those stupid nags.

The fix really is stupid simple.  I googled for the fix for about 30 minutes and kept getting search results related to hacking the install and even one that said it was impossible unless the Win version was stored in the bios.  I didn’t really care for any of those results.  I don’t need to hack my legit copy and I don’t need somebody saying it can’t be registered/activated legitimately.

So, I final found the answer hidden in about two sentences in a forum.  The answer was so short that it could be easily passed over while looking at all of the other proposed fixes.  Here is all that I needed to do.

First step.  Open up Control Panel.  Step two, go to the System control panel.  You may need to scroll to the bottom of this screen to find the “Change Product Key” clickable link.  This will open a new screen where you can input your product key.

Once done, I was able to successfully activate windows.  Windows updates began working again and the Genuine Advantage applet also works.

Now, knowing that it is the “Change Product Key” that needs to occur, here is another link that shows this method plus a couple others to achieve the same desired effect.


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