Haunting a Database Near You

Today, we have a special Halloween edition.  For me, Halloween and computer geek go quite well together.  And thinking about it, I wanted to try to better understand if there was a correlation.  As a […]

October 2011 LV UG Meeting Update

This is a republish due to a last minute change!!! We had to reschedule the October meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.  The only change is the date of the event.  The meeting is now Oct […]

Reach for the Select *s

Do you have your head in the clouds? Have you wanted to take flight? Have you been called “Space Case” If you are a DB Professional, then all of these could very well become true. […]

An Interesting Sort

I just came across a pretty peculiar sort requirement.  The requirement made me sit and think a bit.  Since it was somewhat peculiar, I decided I would share the solution. So, let’s start with a […]

October 2011 LV UG Meeting

Boo! OK, so it really isn’t that scary.  But it is that time of year and we happen to have something that could fix something that might be scary. It is time once again for […]