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Published on: September 23, 2011

There is a lot of stuff going on out there these days.  I am looking forward to a few things.  And since I am looking forward to them, I thought there are others out there that are probably interested too!


SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2:  The first book was awesome.  They have ramped it up again and are bringing us more excellent content.  I think this is a must buy out there.  Go check it out from Manning Publications (the link).  Digital copies are already available for MEAP participants.

Jonathan Kehayias (blog|twitter): I don’t have a lot of info on this.  I know that the book is coming out soon.  I know that Jonathan does some really good stuff.  I know the person that is tech reviewing the book.  And I know that it is being published by Simple-Talk.  Check SQLServerCentral and Simple-Talk to find the book in the next few weeks to months.


SQL Inspire NYC:  Bobby Tables (aka Robert Pearl) is one of the event organizers and a friend.  The event is November 12, 2011 and registration is coming to a close real soon.  Currently there is even a push to get more people registered.  Check out Bobby Tables’ blog on the topic.

SQLSat 103: Another Friend is organizing this SQLSat event down in paradise.  Roy Ernest is extremely excited for this event and wants to put on a good show.  I am working on getting my passport renewed.  This event is February 25, 2012.

SQLSat LV: Another person I know really really well is working with a bunch of friends to try and put this thing together.  We have the date reserved as March 10,2012.  Now, I need to pull the rest of the info together.


Performance Stories: This contest is currently on-going and about to end.  I submitted an article.  Swing by and vote for my entry.

There are other things happening like Summit 2011, Regional Mentors being named, and a few other books being written (by people like Stacia Misner, Denny Cherry, Jason Strate and Andy Leonard).  I figure you probably already know about the new mentors and Summit by this time.  As for the books, I know even less about those books than the ones that I plugged.  But I can say that these books look to be very interesting as well.

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