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Published on: September 14, 2011

…Need not Stay in Vegas

Coming to Las Vegas in 2012 is an event many have been waiting for.  Those that have been waiting for this event are the SQL professional type.  And believe me, it will be good.

A few friends and I have begun work on putting together a SQL Saturday Event in Las Vegas.  We have a date in mind and a venue.


We have arrangements with the fine people at MStaff Solutions to use their facilities at LakeSide Center.  Here (to the left) is a great shot of the area that is provided by MStaff (which can also be found on their site).






We will be able to use a few classrooms as well as one of their dining rooms.   To the right is an image of one such banquet room that they sent to me.

The people at MStaff are excited to be helping put this event together with us.  They really want for this to be a top notch event – as do we.



Be ready to mark your calendars.  We have put in a date reservation to SQLSaturday for March 10, 2012.  This date is still subject to change.  But I feel confident that it will not be changing at this point.

There seems to be a fair amount of interest in having a SQL Saturday in Las Vegas.  We now hope that this interest turns into a good amount of attendance.  We will be marketing this event for the next few months to try and drive up interest and registrants.

Interested in Presenting: Start prepping your presentations!

Interested in Attending:  Be prepared to register and come to “get your learn on!!”

Oh, and please do not leave what you learn, at this event, in Las Vegas.  Some things are not meant to stay in Vegas.

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