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Published on: October 26, 2010

Finally I am getting around to posting my Quarterly Goal review.  Last quarter’s review can be found here.

Start a Blog

This has been covered pretty well.

Implement a BI Solution

I have made no further progress on this.  Despite that, I have been converting several dts packages into SSIS packages.  I also have numerous reports for SSRS that I need to implement.  Also, let’s throw out there that I have spent considerable time working on the COGNOS 7 platform over this past quarter.  I have had to troubleshoot various components from cube build to security to execution and report accuracy.  That doesn’t count as a BI solution, however, it should be noted that there is more BI experience being gained.  The purpose of this goal was to increase experience and knowledge with BI.  Albeit, the goal was designed to gain that experience in the Microsoft products.

I have started several more projects along the lines of this goal.  Many have been implemented and are in use now.  However, the point of this goal was driven towards an end-to-end solution that involved SSAS, SSIS and SSRS – I have two of the three down-pat pretty good now.

1 Technical Blog Post per Week

This one is getting harder for me currently.  I am in the middle of some very big and high profile projects that have consumed a lot of my time.  I will be working harder at this goal over the upcoming quarter.  Despite that difficulty, I am still ahead of the goal by means of averages though I missed a technical post this last week.

I am leaving the above comment as-is for the time being.  It became more difficult to maintain that goal due to my schedule – but it will change in the upcoming quarter – I can feel it.

Attend 2010 Pass Summit

I have not yet attended the summit, and can’t do that until November.  However, I have registered for the Summit and have every intention of attending this year.

Present Once a Quarter (or 4 times)

I continued to make measurable progress.  I only presented once this quarter.  Next quarter I have more presentations that I can report on (like my Presentation for SQLSat54).

Write 2 Articles

I can mark this goal as achieved at this point.  My second article was published recently and I have a few more that I am working on in queue currently.  I wrote a short blog on the publication of this article.

Run Two Marathons

I have not run a marathon yet this year, and that sucks.  Due to too many conflicts and knee pain I didn’t run and won’t be running any marathons this year unless a miracle happens.

As for the less measurable goals, I think I am doing fine there as well.  I was assigned as VP to our PASS Users Group, I am on a subcommittee for Summit 2010, and I am actively involved with the community at SQLServerCentral.com.

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