December 2010 S3OLV Meeting

It is amazing how the months just seem to fly by these days.  I probably say that every month.  It seems appropriate though. This month we will be broadcasting the meeting once again.  This month […]

Drumroll Please…

Defensive Db Programming Chapter 10 After dragging this review on for months now, it is finally time to bring this bad boy home and wrap it up.  I have been working through a chapter by […]

Giving Thanks

I came across a blog post today from Jason Strate (Blog | Twitter) about giving thanks.  This topic has come about due to the holiday in the United States that happens to be Thanksgiving and […]

Defensive Db Programming Chapter 09

It is down to the final two chapters of the book by Alex Kuznetsova.  Check out the previous chapter here.  The review of this book is certainly taking longer to produce than I had planned. […]

Defensive Db Programming Chapter 08

We are slowly getting to the end of this book by Alex Kuznetsov (Blog).  You can find more on this series by looking here.  We are now discussing chapter 8 and it is a good chapter. […]

Blogger Awards

A few days ago I wrote about an election that was taking place (ok so it was a week ago at this point).  That election was the SQLServerpedia Awards.  My first post on that election […]

November S3OLV Recap

Last Thursday we had the monthly meeting for our local PASS chapter.  I would normally try to get the recap out a bit sooner.  This month, I intentionally delayed the recap.  We had a plethora […]

S3OLV Nov Reminder

This is a last minute reminder about the monthly S3OLV User Group meeting.  It is being held on Nov. 4th, the first Thursday of the month rather than the second Thursday of the month. You […]

Defensive Db Programming Chapter 07

We are here again after another …um long lapse in time … and ready for another episode in this series.  Today we get to talk about chapter 7 in the book by Alex Kuznetsov (Blog). […]

DB Maintenance

About a month ago I read a post by Brad McGehee (Blog | Twitter) concerning a checklist for SQL Server.  It seems to be a rather comprehensive list.  If you don’t have some sort of […]