November S3OLV Recap

Last Thursday we had the monthly meeting for our local PASS chapter.  I would normally try to get the recap out a bit sooner.  This month, I intentionally delayed the recap.  We had a plethora of things going wrong at this meeting that it left the leadership a bit befuddled.

We did get to participate in a great presentation – let’s take nothing away from Steve Jones from SSC.  He presented to us on the Modern Resume and he was a trooper about it.  For me that is a hallmark of somebody that is a seasoned speaker, is humble, and has leadership skills.  I think these skills tie together rather nicely and they manifest themselves pretty well when things don’t go as planned.

I appreciate all of those who attended virtually and in person.  I am thankful to Steve for taking time and altering his travel plans to adapt for us so we could hear him speak.

As a result of this meeting – look for changes to be coming from the S3OLV User Group.  Charley and I discussed this on Friday and decided to do a few things differently.  We have to discuss further how to go about some of these changes.  As a preview, look forward to the following:

  1. Site Change – this will help us better advertise and stay on top of the updates (something I have been doing very poorly at over the past couple of months).  With the change, we will be exploring the use of a Blog to manage the site along with allowing members to post articles to the Blog.
  2. Newsletter – we want to get more info out there.  One possible item to be included in the newsletter would be a Member Spotlight.  We are working on other ideas to go with the Newsletter.
  3. We will also be changing the invite and reminder process.

We really feel that these changes will make a difference for our group.  We also realize that these changes will take more time and more planning – but they are for the good of the group.

Let us know what you think!!

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