Red Pyramid

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Published on: October 2, 2010

After having read the Percy Jackson series of books, I wanted to read a few more books by Rick Riordan.  I happened across this book one day while browsing a local store.  It didn’t take much thought after seeing the cover, title and author (sometimes the cover art is important in finding a book).  The book is “The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1).

I have to remark that I was somewhat surprised by the end of the book in the vast improvement in grammatical mistakes that I noticed.  This book could have gotten away with a lot more based on the style.  At the end of the book, there were only two such mistakes that I had noticed – that is very good.  That is substantially better than the Percy Jackson series as well.  I had to bring that up since I had noted the problem in the Percy Jackson series and it is the same author.

The book takes on a different culture this time with the heroes (who are also once again godlings / demigods).  Rather than the Gods of Rome and Greece, we now get to learn a little about the Egyptian gods – mixed deeply in fantasy.  I found it intriguing – while also too similar to the Percy Jackson series.  There were substantial differences – but kind of the same feel while not being entirely the same plot.  I think it might have been recognized by the author as well when he made a subtle reference to the Percy Jackson series as our heroes arrived in Brooklyn.  I thought that was great.

This series is not about the adventures/misadventures of one teenage demi-god, but rather a brother and sister who must help each other.  There are some nice twists and turns and it should be enjoyable.

I would give this one a B+

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