The Year of the Phantom

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Published on: October 3, 2010

It is amazing how fast time moves the older (and slower) we as humans get.  Looking back on time, it doesn’t seem to have been that long since I got married.  Today marks the 15th anniversary of that occasion.  It has been a good fifteen years and both of us have learned a lot.  I would dare say that while many things have not changed, many have changed within our relationship.  That is a good thing – you can’t make a marriage work without teamwork.  We work well together.

For our anniversary celebration (we did it a day early), I took her to the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.  If I were to be reviewing it, I would give it high marks in most areas and I think it is a must see.  A tip though, order your tickets directly from the Venetian.  If you order from the Venetian, the initial ticket cost is cheaper than anywhere else I found the tickets.  Furthermore, I was able to find discount codes online for ticket purchases at the Venetian.  Overall cost savings was huge.

My wife and I sat front row for the show, right next to the orchestra pit.  The view was spectacular – even when we disappeared in the fog.  What we were unprepared for was the fireworks and fire plumes at various points in the show.  We like what they did with the chandelier and moving the characters from time to time throughout the audience.  Even being as close as we were, and being able to see fine details in the makeup, there were no real flaws to the production (not even in the makeup).

I would go see it again.  Just be aware that this production is not exactly the same as the production on Broadway.  This is still Andrew Lloyd Webbers work and all changes to the score were done by home.  The main changes are in scenery and transition as well as special effects.  Both versions have their highlights and are both well worth watching.

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