Bucket List

I have no intentions of kicking the bucket – ever.  I have no intentions of getting old either.  We’ll see how all of that works out.

Bob Pusateri (BlogTwitter) posted his bucket list this morning and it seemed like an interesting topic for an early day such as this.  You can see his Bucket List here.

Pilot an aircraft – preferably something very fast.  I would even settle for a ride in a cockpit of an F-18 (Blue Angels) or F16 (Thunderbirds).  I know – the F-16 is a single pilot cockpit.  The point is – I want to ride up front in something really fast.

Skydiving – at least once.

Start my own Business.  It would be nice someday to be a consultant.

Write A Book.  Someday it would be nice to at least contribute to a publication, preferably about SQL Server or something career minded.

European Vacation.  I would like to take my family on a vacation to Europe.  I have been and lived there.  It would be good for the family to see different parts of the world.

Speak at the Summit.  I think I will practice a lot before that happens.  I will start submitting sessions for Summit, beginning with 2011.

Be Teleported.  I don’t want to experience the same things as we see in Willy Wonka.  I would rather it be more like Star Trek teleportation.

See Bears.  I would like to attend a game at Soldier Field and watch the Bears play.  Even better if I could take a couple of my sons with me.

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