Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok, so it’s not until November – but I am leaving on a Jet Plane nonetheless.  It will have been four years since the last time I attended PASS Summit.  This year, my ticket is […]

TSQL Tuesday – But I was Late

The puzzling problem I encountered in the article was a fun little job that kept giving different results than running the same code from SSMS. Check it out!

Professional Communications

This past week I had the opportunity to have lunch with a vendor at his clients’ site.  As a part of the lunch there is the usual dog and pony show.  Vendors are trying to […]

SSC Syndication

Steve Jones at SqlServerCentral.com has created a Blog for me over there at SqlServerCentral.com.  I will be syndicated there and hopefully increase the Blog exposure a little bit.  This being a new adventure (the whole […]

Primary Key Discovery

As a part of my DB documentation process for a large database, I needed a method to quickly show me all of the Primary Keys in the database.  Not only did I want the PKs, […]