Defensive Db Programming Chapter 03

Chapter 3 of the Defensive Database Programming Book by Alex Kuznetsov teaches us about how to “survive” changes to database objects.  Alex brings to light how simple changes to the underlying schema could be damaging […]

5 down 4 to go

Not much ado about SQL Server here.  Good things come with the number 9.  For instance SQL Server got substantially better at version 9 (my opinion).  And another good thing is the next addition to […]

A little Dance with SSIS and Informix

Not too many moons ago I embarked on porting some servers over from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008.  On some of these SQL 2000 servers, we had numerous DTS packages performing various ETL functions.  One […]

Defensive Db Programming Chapter 02

This is the review of the second chapter of the book Defensive Database Programming.  The title of this chapter is “Code Vulnerabilities Due to SQL Server MisConceptions.” This chapter examines three common misconceptions: WHERE clause […]

Gettin’ Skewled

Observe and Report This month we get to frolic in our memories of school days.  Thanks to HeadMaster Robert Davis (Blog | @SQLSoldier), we are entreated to a little detention while we figure out how […]

TSQL 2sday Coming Up

TSQL Tuesday is fast upon us once again.  In fact, in my time zone, it is just a day away. This month the event is being hosted by Robert L. Davis.  We get to go […]

S3OLV July Recap

This month we had our first adventure in LiveMeeting presentations.  We had the pleasure of listening to Jack Corbett give us some good information on using Profiler and creating traces. Jack was the guinea pig […]

July SSSOLV UG Meeting

This is really late notice – apologies in advance. We will be holding the LV UG meeting July 8th at the same time and same place as usual. 777 N Rainbow, Ste 250. 6:30 PM […]

Catching Fire

This has taken me quite a while to get around to this book.  That was completely unintentional.  My wife has been bugging me for quite some time to read it so we could discuss the […]

SQL 2008 DTS

It’s a Bird… No, not really.   It’s just Windows 7.   I have recently upgraded to Windows 7.  I took the roundabout trip to do that going from Server 2003 to Windows XP and […]