TSQL 2sday Coming Up

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Published on: July 12, 2010

TSQL Tuesday is fast upon us once again.  In fact, in my time zone, it is just a day away.

This month the event is being hosted by Robert L. Davis.  We get to go back to school and revisit some of the methods that help us to learn.

Join in for the event this month.  For more information, you can visit http://tsql2sday.com

S3OLV July Recap

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Published on: July 12, 2010

This month we had our first adventure in LiveMeeting presentations.  We had the pleasure of listening to Jack Corbett give us some good information on using Profiler and creating traces.

Jack was the guinea pig (only due to a cancellation in May) for helping us present via LiveMeeting.  The meeting has been recorded, the attendees learned some good stuff, and we enjoyed the presentation.  It is also good to put a voice with a face.

Based on this experience, and finally getting our account working, we will be offering up our monthly meeting every month as a livemeeting presentation.  As the monthly meeting approaches, I will post the link for the meeting.  We will also post the link in the invite that we will be sending out.

We didn’t have the greatest of numbers overall.  That is apparently related to the time of year here in Las Vegas.  We are hoping that making this meeting available online, will help to increase participation.

One lesson we learned is to have a working microphone handy before starting the meeting.  I am still looking to find out how to playback the recording.  The recording processed successfully but there are some other glitches (that may be Windows 7 related).  Another result of this first presentation is that we were able to ensure that we had triple redundancy for the internet connection – if it is needed.

We hope to see you next month.

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