Who2 Article Published

I just had my second article published on June 14, 2010 at SQLServerCentral.  I will be posting a follow-up to that article in the near future.  The follow-up is related to the discussion in the […]

Declare Scalar Variable

Lately I have been going through a bunch of maintenance style scripts and fixing them.  Along with fixing them, I have also been updating them to work more efficiently and to work in SQL 2008. […]

June S3OLV Wrapup

Last night we had our monthly Chapter User group meeting in affiliation with PASS.  Honestly, the experience was quite humbling and embarrassing.  What could one do though given the circumstances?  You may be wondering what […]

Data Compression

I see database compression, as offered with SQL 2008, to be more like these file compression utilities than DriveSpace.  Data compression in SQL 2008 is not an all or none implementation.  You get to pick and choose what gets compressed.  That is a big time bonus for me.

June 2010 S3OLV Meeting

The S3OLV monthly meeting is being held this Thursday.  We will be meeting at the same location and time as usual.  This month we have a couple of vendors coming to speak.  Fusion IO and […]

Defensive Database Programming Chapter 01

Today I am finally getting around to the review of the first chapter as promised.  I talked about the book a bit in the first post on the subject, which can be found here.  This […]


After the articles concerning the content on SQLBlogs.net, I have worked with Steinar Andersen to help get some stuff going on his site again.  Steinar has developed some rules for syndication for his site.  I […]

DTS and 2008

Have you ever been required to update your SQL Server environment and needed to test it?  I know, rhetorical question.  I am in such a process currently.  We have the entire gambit of project killers […]