June S3OLV Wrapup

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Published on: June 11, 2010

Last night we had our monthly Chapter User group meeting in affiliation with PASS.  Honestly, the experience was quite humbling and embarrassing.  What could one do though given the circumstances?  You may be wondering what I am talking about right now.  Let me explain.

I had arranged for a couple of vendor presentations.  One of the vendors was Fusion IO and the other is a company from Utah called Kynetx.  Both were coming in from out of town to present to us.  I was the point of contact and one had even shipped some material to me in preparation for the meeting.  I received the box of materials the day before and all was set.  Well, sometimes things just don’t happen as they are planned.

Despite my efforts, I had to be at work in support of a current project and some production issues.  I was in an area where cell phone reception is inconsistent and the noise pollution is horrendous.  With those factors in play, I did not catch any of the calls being placed to me by the vendors.  To top it off, by the time I was able to get the phone-calls, they were 20 minutes behind schedule and were ready to start without any real intro and by themselves.

I arrived in the middle of the first presentation by Fusion IO and we were able to get the material handed out.  Some recovery, but embarrassment nonetheless.  At least the few of us in attendance got to hear some good stuff about some good products.  One person even won an IPOD nano in a giveaway.

The presentations were great.  I would recommend that people check out Fusion IO and Kynetx and see what they have to offer.

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