20100203 21H00

Quick workout today.  Had wanted to go much longer but it just wasn’t the day for that.  It is very difficult to look at a empty treadmills, ellipticals and bikes and to have none of the tv’s working.

I did about 30 minutes @ HR of 185 for 13 min and 157 for the remainder.

I have also made another change to help throughout the day.  I am now replacing my desk chair with an exercise ball for at least 1hr a day.  Since most of the day is spent at the desk, it would be good to get some cheap core exercise while at work.  This decision was made in part as an experiment to test the hypothesis that you can build core muscle just by sitting on it while at work.  I get back pain from time to time.  One way to resolve that is through a better core.

It was good to get a good sweat after having my back out for the past few days.

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  1. How is the exercise ball working out? I’ve considered standing at work, but my facilities folks *won’t let me* because of liability concerns. My own fault for bringing it up since I wanted to move my desk level up a notch (about a foot) on the cubicle wall. Started standing occasionally when I do schoolwork at home (2-4 hrs a night during the week), definitely feels better.

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