A Masters Passport to Extended Events

As is commonly the case, all good things come to an end. And now is as good a time as any for the use of SQL Trace and Profiler to come to an end. Let’s face it, Trace was a good tool and had some wonderful uses. Profiler for that matter was a good tool and was useful at times.

Shredding XML in XEvents

One of the biggest pains with Extended Events is the thing we love to hate – XML. XML is so foreign to many DBAs. It’s not relational and often brings nightmares of parsing and performance issues.

Compressing Outcomes

Find yourself struggling to determine the outcome of attempted compression settings in your database? This should help!

Tables, Columns and Defaults Oh My!

The joys of inheriting a new database and being thrown into the fire to quickly assimilate as much information about the database as possible can be troublesome. This script will help with that!

Compressing Encrypted Backups

A common requirement, whether it be based out of pure want or truly out of necessity, is to make a large database backup file, that is encrypted, be much smaller.

HealthySQL – A Review

A quick look into the book by Robert Pearl: Healthy SQL.