Internal Tables and Space Used

Some of the beauty of SQL Server is the complexity that it holds. Some of that complexity is right before our eyes. And some of that requires a little bit of diving into the internals to figure out what is happening or even why it is complex.

What’s the Size of that Index?

When you need to figure out how indexes are contributing to the overall size of a table within a database, this script will help you!

Extended Events Removed from 2016

Extended Events continue to grow and improve – even with the removal of a few events.

TSQL Recipes – 2014 Edition

Announcing…the book At long last the wait is over. After much blood, sweat and more blood and sweat, the next edition of the SQL Server Recipes book is finished. This edition brings several changes and […]

SQL Server and Defaults

What is that default setting? SQL server does a fantastic job of having numerous settings at the server level and at the database level predefined for you. Additionally, the OS has a bunch of settings […]

PASS Summit 2015 – Guess What?

Quick run the other way! PASS Summit will never be the same! Why? Well, because for the first time in the history of me, I have been selected to speak at such a prestigious event. Isn’t […]

Database Settings Changes – Red Handed

One of my pet-peeves (and consequently frequent topic of discussion) is finding database settings (or any setting that has changed) without knowing about it. Worse yet is finding that the change has occurred and nobody […]

In memory of Grandpa Greenland

Dan “L” Greenland (1935 ~ 2015) Dan “L” Greenland, 80, passed away June 30, 2015. Born June 3, 1935 in Highland, Utah, to William John and Cressie Althera Loveridge Greenland. He grew up in Highland and attended […]

New Extended Events for 2016

As we begin to get a grasp of all that is available with SQL Server 2016 and all of the new features, it is a great idea to see what else has been made available […]