Internal Tables and Space Used

Some of the beauty of SQL Server is the complexity that it holds. Some of that complexity is right before our eyes. And some of that requires a little bit of diving into the internals to figure out what is happening or even why it is complex.

Table Space – CS Part Deux

Another script, another day.  And as promised, I am providing an update to the Table Space script that followed the sp_MStableSpace script.  Not a lot more to be said about this one, since much was […]

Re-purpose my TableSize Script

Last Year I introduced a couple of scripts that I worked on.  Those scripts developed into a series covering the comparison of some methods and MS provided stored procs that could help you in the […]

Space Used

At long last I am bringing the next installment in this mini-series.  You can find the rest of the articles by perusing the last article I wrote on the topic.  That article was a correction […]

TableSpace Update

The last post in the series on finding the sizes of your tables showed us how we could find that size via a set-based method similar to using sp_MStablespace.  In that post I showed you […]

SQL 2005 TableSpace

In the first post of this series I highlighted and described two stored procedures that are shipped from Microsoft.  These stored procedures use different methods to display information about a table in a SQL Server […]

Table Sizes

In SQL Server there are two stored procedures that help one to determine the size of a table.  One is documented and more widely popular, the other is not.  These two stored procedures are sp_spaceused […]