System Base Tables

On January 19th, I published a post about the Dedicated Administrator Connection.  I spoke very briefly of the system base tables in that article.  Today, I want to dive into these tables a little bit […]

Slammer, Alive…Barely

By now you must have heard of the SQL Slammer worm.  It was quite an infectious little nuisance.  The harm it caused came largely due to unpatched, unprotected SQL Servers.

S3OLV February 2012

Do you recognize this person?   If you are from the Colorado Springs area, you probably do.  This is:       Troy Ketsdever (twitter) Troy will be presenting to the Las Vegas SQL User […]

S3OLV – Jan 2012 Meeting Recap

Last week (Jan 12, 2012), we held the user group meeting for the SQL Server Society of Las Vegas (a.k.a S3OLV or SSSOLV). Presenting at that meeting was Josh Lewis (Twitter).  Josh presented on a […]

Dedicated Administrator Connection

Recently you may have read my article about some hidden functions in SQL Server.  In that article you learned that those functions were in some DMOs and that you could get at them through the […]


What more can I say.  I disagree with the kind of legislation that is being presented via SOPA and PIPA. In support of the community, my site will be dark 18 Jan 2012 between 10:30 […]

A Trio of Functions

I found myself perusing an execution plan the other day.  I know, big surprise there.  This execution plan showed me some interesting things I had never really paid much attention to in the past.  When […]

Meme15 Twitter

Twitter and Your Career With the new blog party on the block, we have Jason Strate (blog | twitter) asking us this month these two questions: Why should average Jane or Joe professional consider using […]

Missing Indexes

SQL Server has means built into it to track possible missing indexes.  This used to be found through the use of the Index Tuning Wizard.  The process has improved over time (you can sort of […]

TSQL Tuesday #26 or #23 – Identity Crisis

This second chance, gives me the opportunity to finally talk about a topic that has been on my to-blog list for quite some time.  I hope this post will show some different ways of joining in TSQL.