Index Cannot Be Reorganized…

Working diligently as any good DBA might, you have established maintenance routines for each of the SQL Servers under your purview. Then a small problem occurs: Index Cannot Be Reorganized…

Missing Indexes Script v2

As is the case for many DB professionals, I am always tweaking (not twerking) and refining the missing indexes script to try and make it more robust and a little more accurate.

Seldom Used Indexes

On occasion you may ask yourself if there are any under used indexes in your database.  If not you, then possibly a manager or client.  Usually this comes up when evaluating for missing indexes or […]

Missing Indexes

SQL Server has means built into it to track possible missing indexes.  This used to be found through the use of the Index Tuning Wizard.  The process has improved over time (you can sort of […]

Database Maintenance

I often see a request for some scripts to help with database maintenance.  Sometimes those questions come in the form of recommendation requests for maintenance plans.  As many already know, there are some really good […]