S3OLV August Meeting II

I recently published a post about the upcoming meeting for S3OLV.  This post is to serve as an update to the post.  It is quite important that a more accurate abstract be shared concerning the presentation that will be given.

So, here is the update on that abstract and hopefully it will prove more enticing to people looking to attend.

Title: Banish RBAR!

Abstract: SQL Server is primarily designed for set-based operations, so code that performs Row-By-Agonizing-Row (RBAR) operations is going against the design, rather than working with it. Come to this code filled session, where we will examine several recent additions to SQL Server, and learn how the vast majority of RBAR code can be replaced with efficient, set-based code. Learn how the APPLY operator works; iterate through incoming data just once with the MERGE statement; “slice and dice” your data with the Windowing (ranking) functions; re-write your multi-statement table-valued functions to inline functions to help the optimizer and speed up your queries; learn how to create a grouped delimited list – without loops!

Wayne has worked quite hard to put this presentation together.  In addition to this presentation, he is asking that attendees please take five minutes after the presentation to share some feedback.  He has all of his presentations available for “rating” on speakerrate.

I would encourage all that attend this meeting to give that valuable feedback.  I hope you all enjoy this months presentation.

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