Come One Come All S3OLV August 2011

Hey Yo!!  We are primed and ready for this month down in Las Vegas.  We have a return presenter and we are looking to get some speed freak on with our TSQL Code.

From the Invite – one would see these notes:

This month we have a new feature we want to share with the group.  We started a little newsletter that may be of interest to you.  Anybody who is interested can publish to this newsletter very easily.  First things first:  find the newsletter here:

LiveMeeting Information:
Attendee URL:
Meeting ID: Z77GTH

The meeting location has changed.  We will no longer be meeting at The Learning Center.  New meeting location is M Staff Solutions & Training / 2620 Regatta Drive Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Now, we also need to talk a little bit about who we have presenting this month.  Wayne Sheffield presenting to us about what he affectionately calls “Greased Lightening.”  Wayne is going to show us in this presentation some work he has done with Delimited lists.  This is a session well worth the price of attendance.  😉

The meeting will be August 11, 2011 at 6:30 Pacific Time.  We hope to see you there.

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