Activity Monitor and Profiler

Today I came across a link to a neat little script for SQL 2005 / 2008 to help derive the head blocker in a blocking chain.  That script can be found here.  I was looking […]

SSSOL July 2011 Reminder

This is just a quick note to remind anybody who may be interested of the upcoming Las Vegas User Group meeting. As I posted here, we will be learning OLAP for the OLTP pro.  This […]

Foreign Key Hierarchy Update

Today I would like to revisit a post of mine that is rather old.  More precisely, the script in that post needs revisiting.  This is one of my more favorite scripts and I still have […]

Meme Monday – Horoscope

Did you know that your sign may have changed?  I didn’t – at least not until reading the meme Monday announcement.  Most people probably will see no difference in their astrological sign.  However, if you […]

July 2011 S3OLV Meeting

We have had a bit of a lag between meetings for the User Group of Las Vegas.  In June, a meeting was scheduled but did not happen.  The cause of that was due to being […]

Lessons from Out of the Blue

This past Fourth of July weekend I had the opportunity to do a few different things and thought I would share some experiences.  None of these experiences were job related but the lessons from these experiences could be applied to SQL and databases.  I will explain that a little bit later.

SQL Statistics – another Spin

I was reading a blog by Pinal Dave that was about using catalog views to obtain information about stats for the entire database.  While reading the blog, I was reminded about an interesting tidbit of […]