A DBAs List of Little Things

Today is Meme Monday.  Today we get to talk about all of the little things a DBA does.  Thomas LaRock started things off with his list – here. I want to just add to the […]

All I want for Christmas…Meme Monday

This is a good way to start monday, with a meme.  This month Thomas LaRock has provided us with the theme and his entry here. I thought of following along with a blog to match […]

August Meme Monday – Crap Code

Interesting topic this month posted by Thomas LaRock.  This month he has chosen “crap code” as the topic.  I think it is interesting because there really are so many different ways to take this. Knowing […]

Meme Monday – Horoscope

Did you know that your sign may have changed?  I didn’t – at least not until reading the meme Monday announcement.  Most people probably will see no difference in their astrological sign.  However, if you […]

Meme Monday – Stupid Questions

This month we have an interesting topic for Meme Monday.  This is hosted by Thomas LaRock and the topics revolve in some way around SQL Server.  As Tom brought up, the saying is that “there […]

Meme Monday – “I got 99 problems but a disk ain’t one”

Today is Meme Monday and is a little thing that Thomas LaRock (Blog | Twitter)  has started.  Today he has started things off with a list of things that could cause a Database to go […]