Meme Monday – “I got 99 problems but a disk ain’t one”

Today is Meme Monday and is a little thing that Thomas LaRock (Blog | Twitter)  has started.  Today he has started things off with a list of things that could cause a Database to go “wrong” that are not always disk related.

He has tagged a few people to add to the list in an effort to get up to 99 things that are unique that could cause failures in the database.  I haven’t been tagged, but wanted to throw out a few of my thoughts to add to the list.

  1. invoices – missing, unpaid, or wrong altogether
  2. vendors (misinformed, ship wrong items)
  3. undefined requirements
  4. bad documentation
  5. rampant use of sa
  6. no backups at all (full, log, or otherwise)
  7. very wide clustered indexes (i.e. three guids make up the PK and Clustered Index)
  8. P2V of a VLDB (not always bad but can be disastrous)
  9. Catch-all queries

These are some of the things I have seen cause some database problems.  Sure some of these things are more encompassing than just the database (like a vendor shipping the wrong part), but they can have a huge impact on the database.

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