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Published on: April 29, 2011

Today I had a bit of regret slap me in the face.  That face slap came from participation in a SQL Quiz on twitter that was hosted by Paul Randal (Blog | Twitter).  The questions being thrown out there were deep technical internals type of questions.  These weren’t necessarily the type of questions that you would see in an interview and were for fun.

I say it was a bit of a face slap because I had an opportunity to attend an Internals training session presented by SQLSkills in Dallas but was unable to attend.  It made me wonder how much more I would have been able to answer had I actually attended the course.  If you have an opportunity to attend such an event – DO IT!

From the set of questions today, I learned quite a bit.  The knowledge and wealth of information that you can gain by attending one of these events has got to be substantially more than what is presented in the measly ten questions posed in these Pop Quizzes that Paul has conducted.

Now I need to find my way into the Bellevue course.

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  1. Attending the immersion class would be a good start, but the questions that Paul has been asking are generally deeper than normal training goes.

    • Jason Brimhall says:

      True that may be. Something tells me that there would be similar aha types of moments in the course on a regular basis. Too much knowledge to gain.

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