May 2011 S3OLV Meeting

After a whirlwind of last minute changes last month, we expect stability this month with the monthly meeting.

Meeting Time is 6:30PM PST

Erika Bakse (blog | twitter) has been gracious to us by allowing us to pre-empt her last month and then to come back and speak to us this month.

Erika will be presenting on Clever Queries: Crafting MDX Queries to get the Most out of SSRS.

This meeting will be available via LiveMeeting and in Person at The Learning Center.  Erika will be presenting live at The Learning Center.

Reporting Services is a powerful tool that can make designing reports a snap…most of the time. But every once in a while you have to format a report very specifically, and the data just isn’t available in the form you need it to do that.  Enter Clever Queries!  Learn about how to use named sets, dummy members, and other MDX tricks to craft your data query in a way that allows you to conquer the trickiest report layouts.

LiveMeeting Details:
You can use this link to attend via LiveMeeting.

Meeting ID: PFD388

The meeting will be recorded and made available for later viewing as well.

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