Meme Monday – Stupid Questions

This month we have an interesting topic for Meme Monday.  This is hosted by Thomas LaRock and the topics revolve in some way around SQL Server.  As Tom brought up, the saying is that “there are no stupid questions.”  I have long disagreed with that statement.  I think many people would disagree but it is a tool used by instructors to invoke questions from the crowd.  I think there are plenty of stupid questions.  For me, a stupid question is simply a question to which you already know the answer.

A common question that I hear that could fall into that category is “How do I select information out of table ZYX?”

For that question, pick your response du jour.  Typically the response may be preceded with at least one question trying to garner more information such as “Well, what data do you want to select from the table?”  If they can answer this question, then the first question seems a bit on the stupid side since they already know the essential pieces to the answer of their question.  This holds true, so long as the data retrieval is a basic SELECT.

So there you have it, short and sweet.

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