Having Cake and Eating it too

Every once in a while it is necessary to do something a little more than a blog post about SQL Server.  This happens to be one of those occasions.  This time around I wanted to boast a little about the talents of my wife.  My wife is an amateur cake decorator.  Everything she does is self-taught and from her own artistic creations.  My children really look forward to their birthdays.  For them, it is a lot less about the toys than it is about the cake.  Ask them what their cake was for their last birthday and they will tell you immediately.  Ask them what toy they got and they fumble around trying to figure out the answer to that question.  That is really awesome.

Here are a few of her creations.

This cake is a dinosaur made for our son Garrett on his 3rd birthday.

This cake was made for my first daughter for her first birthday.  She might have a little more difficulty telling you what here cake was.  Too bad she can’t truly store jewelry in this musical ballerina jewelry box.

This tank was created for our oldest son just last year.  Unlike an M1-A1 or Sherman, this tank is fully edible.  Next time, she will need to add some fireworks.

This one is a couple of monster trucks that you may recognize (e.g. Bulldozer with its horns).  This Monster Cake was made for my sons 4th birthday.  You can see he is there ready to eat it.

This cake is LEGO Batman and was for the 5th birthday for Kyle as well.  This cake is also 100% edible and was eaten very quickly.  You should have seen the enjoyment my son got out this.

This R2 unit was made for me.  This was a new challenge for my wife with the cylindrical shape and it being upright.  She did a good job on it.  This was from a couple of birthdays ago.

This cake was a cake that she did as a giveaway.  She did this one for the birthday of another child in our neighborhood.  She did a fantastic job on this cake.

These are just some of the cakes that my wife has done over the past few years.  She doesn’t do the cakes as a part of a business but more as a hobby.  She gets great satisfaction out of it.  I think she should develop this talent a bit more and expand it to be more than just a hobby.  When she has the time and practice on cakes like this, they are incredible.

I would like to see her open up her own shop some day.

13 thoughts on “Having Cake and Eating it too”

  1. Wow! Your wife has an incredible talent here! From what I see, she definitely has the ability to make the cakes in her own shop… but I’d add two bits of caution here.
    1. Unless this is a passion of hers, I wouldn’t take the chance of ruining a pleasure for her. It’s one thing to work in something that you’re passionate about; it’s another to take something that you happen to be good at, try to work at it full-time, and end up ruining the pleasure that you got out of it. Then you wouldn’t even have that hobby to fall back onto to lift your mood. (And it could lead to burn-out.)
    2. When you’ll get to Utah, I would suggest that she should start off helping someone else – just to learn the business end of the deal, and to find out if this is really something that she wants to build a business out of.

  2. My husband is a little biased. I do enjoy this little hobby but I definitely have a LONG way to go before I would feel comfortable charging anyone for my cakes. Maybe having 5 kids will prepare me for the stress that comes with owning your own business ;).

  3. That is real cool!
    I want one 🙂
    Maybe when I am in Utah next time!
    Here is my order,
    Chocolate & Raspberry sauce. As per the shape!
    A nice red 3D Apple~!


  4. The cakes look great! You should really go into business just to keep yourself busy! JK Where’s the pix of the scrabble cake?

  5. That’s good because if you remember, I didn’t really make the scrabble cake. I only designed and supervised (Grandkids made it for Grandma).

  6. you should have seen the John Deere tractor for her niece. It was awesome. Andrew wants one. Shandi wants one also. The softball field for another niece was a work of art. Where are those pictures? This is just to name a few more.

  7. We have picture of all cakes(John Deere, softball game, etc.). maybe we could get them to you. hehehe. It’s fun, fun. Kids love it. Is it possible to attach them here?

  8. the scrabble cake is my Facebook profile picture. The grandkids couldn’t have done it alone. I think Krista was a huge help.

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