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Published on: January 10, 2011

Tis the calm before the storm.  At least it feels like that.  The invites have all been sent.  The presenter lined up.  Reminders have been sent and now we are down to just a couple of reminder blogs and finger crossing.

If you have been following the adventures of the LV UG, you know that the past couple of months have been a real riot.  Definitely not a riot in a good way.  We are talking about problems from all directions and frags blasting our efforts to pieces.  This month we buck that trend.

One thing for certain that will be different this month is that I will be participating virtually.  I will be attending the meeting through our livemeeting setup – remotely.  For those wishing to attend like me, you can do so by following these two simple steps.

  1. Copy this address and paste it into your web browser:
  2. Copy and paste the required information:
    Meeting ID: GZ76C7
    Location: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/UserGroups

Our meeting will be held at 6:30 PM PST (Jan 13, 2011), but you are welcome to join the meeting starting at 6 PM PST.

This month we have a guest presenter from the east coast who will be talking to us about temporary tables and table variables.  There is a lot of good info to be gained from this presentation.  Wayne Sheffield is the presenter and we are glad he has given us a second shot at this presentation.  He, like me, will be presenting from remote.

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