Memory Consumed By SQLServer

Have you wondered how much memory was being consumed by SQL Server?  Have you wondered if there was a way to find out that information from a tSQL command? On occasion it would be nice […]

Finding Compressed Tables

Have you been working with compression?  Have you inherited a database that may or may not have some tables compressed?  On occasion you may want to know what the compression type being used on a […]

February 2010 S3OLV Recap

For the month of February, I conducted the S3OLV meeting virtually from the confines of home in Utah.  As you may know, I have moved from Vegas back to Utah.  Despite having moved away from […]

SQLServerPedia Blogger Awards

Several moons ago I learned that I had won one of the categories for the 2010 SQLServerpedia Blogger Awards.  You can read about that here.  Of all of the promises made in that post, I […]

PASS Summit Volunteers Needed

Well, we are coming around into a new year.  With this new year there is once again PASS Summit preparations that are well under way.  Time has come again for people to volunteer to help […]

Feb 2011 S3OLV Meeting

I am getting this out extremely late.  I seriously have good excuses for that.  Due to my location and Charley feeling ill, we will be doing the S3OLV UG meeting entirely virtual this month. Here […]

T-SQL Tuesday #15 DBA Automaton

Often, we hear about DBA’s automating everything under the sun.  Why?  It simplifies the job and creates time to work on other projects.

Immersions Training

The last week of January 2011, I wrote a blog post entering a contest for free training at the hands of SQLSkills.  Later that week an announcement was made as to the winner(s) of that […]