2010 Recap

As a part of a recap on the year that was 2010, I should start with a recap of my goals.  For that review I had to go back to my Q3 review.  As I looked it over, I found that there was nothing really different from that review than now that needs to be reported.

I have been extraordinarily busy this quarter with things other than that list of goals and things other than my blog.  That is not necessarily bad – and is actually quite good.  Here are some of the posts that talk about some of what has kept me busy.

  1. New Baby Girl born
  2. Job Change
  3. User Group
  4. Holidays and Birthdays (4 in December alone between myself and children)

In all reality, despite all of the busy-ness of the past quarter – it has been good stuff.

As I ponder over 2011, there have been plenty of good things that have happened to me and my career.  Several things have changed for me over the year.  I have blogged about many of those things as well.  Some of the professional related things are:

  1. Started Tweeting
  2. TSQL Tuesday (even hosted one)
  3. Actively Involved with the Local UG
  4. Blogger Awards
  5. SQLSat

All in all there have been some things that have helped me a lot in my career this past year.  This has been a full year with plenty to show for it.  For me, the items that are harder to quantify over this past year has been the friendships I have gained.  In addition to those friendships, I would also add that my network has grown significantly.  More friends – bigger network I guess is one way to describe that.  But there is also the community involvement that has increased exponentially (over prior years) for me.  I have put myself out there more (blog, speak, tweet, etc).  I have written a few articles that have been published.  I have more that I need to write and will write.  It is a bit weird to think of being an MVP, but some people out there have brought it up.  I know I was nominated, but I am completely ok with not being a recognized MVP.

Another aspect of my career that has improved over the past year is the improvement in my communication and writing skills.  This is a side-effect of the blogging and article writing.  I just need to become more consistent with it and maybe start pumping out some more technical as well as longer articles.

Next years goals will be coming soon.

One thought on “2010 Recap”

  1. As I can see here, you were so active with your activities! I didn’t know for the little baby-girl, Congratulations for a long time with parents…!
    Wish you all the best for you and your family!

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