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Recently I received a new opportunity via email.  Steve Jones at SQLServerCentral sent me an email to see if I would be interested in helping review a book and write about it on my blog.  I told Steve I would be happy to help out.

The book is titled Defensive Database Programming and is currently available at RedGate.  This book was authored by Alex Kuznetsov and is 10 chapters long and376 pages.  I will be writing between 1 and 10 articles concerning this book.  I would like to dive into the book and check things out and give it a good fair shake.

After reading the author Bio, I added Alex to my blog roll.  I added him if for nothing more than he runs Ultra marathons and is a SQL Server database guy.  You can find Alex’s blog here.

One last tidbit for now, the book had a technical review performed by Hugo Kornelis.

5 thoughts on “SQL Book Review”

  1. Yes, Alex is a runner. I was at the first suburban Chicago SQLUG meeting and in walks Alex. I asked him if he drove his car to the station nearest the meeting since he works downtown. He said that his car was at his normal station. He got off the train at the station nearest the meeting and ran the 3 miles to the Microsoft office! Not sure how he got to his car as that would have been another 11 miles.

  2. This book looks very interesting. I looked at the pdf and there is some cool stuff there. I am waiting for the paper edition now. Your post Jason and Alex’s book gave me an inspiration to write about coding practices once more, even though this is somewhat a Don Kichote’s struggle.


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