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Last week I posted an article about plagiarism.  This is a follow-up to that.  After posting that blog article, Steiner quickly removed the copied content.  The tone may have been a bit harsh in that article.  My feeling on the subject has shifted only slightly.  Steinar was trying to do something good, only went about it the wrong way.  The issue for me is not the intention but the posting of entire articles for consumption by somebody else.  The articles did have a category on each one with the original authors name.  However, that was not evident when first reading the article.  Had I not known that the articles were mine, I may have missed the category at the end of the article.   Having known that the article was mine, I looked harder for some sort of attribution.

Here is where my opinion has shifted slightly.  Steinar was only plagiarizing inadvertently (prior to my initial post I was a little uncertain in this regard).  I don’t think he was blatantly intending to do harm.  Despite that, whether intentional or not – it was plagiarism.  Has he corrected his actions – YES!  The speed with which he reacted to the emails he received tells me that it was unintentional.  Do I still take issue with it – NO!  He apologized, corrected the wrong and we are moving on.  I also must apologize for plastering his email on my blog.  I have removed the email address.  I should have done so sooner.

This morning I received an email from Steinar about working with him to post some content for his aggregation.  I responded with some questions about his plans for how he will be managing his aggregation.  I hope that we can work something out that would be beneficial for both.

The blog site that Steinar runs is  Go check it out.

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