May 2010 S3OLV Meeting Recap

On the evening of May 13th, S3OLV held its monthly meeting.  We had some really good discussion, and got to participate in a couple of good presentations.

Charley (Chapter President) gave a presentation on his current SAN migration and some of the sticking points that he is experiencing.  To say they are experiencing mild frustration would be putting it lightly.  We joked about it a bit, but it raises some good discussion points.  The primary point is SAN configuration and doing it correctly.  The secondary point is to not make hasty decisions or decisions based on knee-jerk reactions.  The final discussion point to be made would be to test.  They are testing it currently – and that is good.  The principle problem is that the disk performance has decreased by a factor of two.

Charley also showed us some of his dabbling in burning his own circuit boards and programming the processors for the board.  Cool stuff.

The second presentation was by myself.  I showed a few different methods for quickly finding the table sizes for all of the tables in the database.  This presentation goes hand in hand with the series I am currently doing on the same subject.

It was a good meeting and fun was had.  The discussion was both light and serious at times.  We even had a carrion and a howling flying monkey visit us.

Tune in next month for more about S3OLV.

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