Marathon Schedule

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Published on: April 30, 2010

Finally I am putting down to paper my marathon race list for this season. Some of my favorite races are Hurricane Half Marathon, HobbleCreek Half Marathon, Top of Utah Half Marathon, Top of Utah Marathon, St. George Marathon, and the Deseret News (Pioneer Days) Marathon. My normal season would have included all of those races. This year I already missed the Hurrican Half (it used to be a late summer race and now is in the Spring). I also find it unlikely to do the Deseret News Marathon.

That leaves me with TOU Half, TOU, St George, and Hobblecreek from my favorites list.

The Dates for these races are:

HobbleCreek – Aug. 21, 2010

TOU Half – Aug. 28, 2010

TOU – Sep. 18, 2010

St. George – Oct. 2, 2010 (subject to lottery).

One more race that I would like to do is the Tucson Marathon.  It is Dec. 12, 2010.  I would like to do this one, but may have to find a Marathon either further out in the year or one closer to home (like the LV Marathon).

I am not sure about the week separation for HobbleCreek and TOU/2 – especially with travel involved.  However, these are great races and I really would love to get back to doing them.

My goals are still to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I would like to do that this year.

There is one more Marathon I haven’t done that I am considering.  They have a full and a half and it is in Mesquite Nevada.  This marathon used to be called the Tri-State Marathon due to the course.  It has been re-branded as the Mesquite Marathon.  This one will be held November 20, 2010 which works well with my schedule.

Blog Script Nuances

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Published on: April 30, 2010

I recently ran across an issue that is really annoying. I use a plugin to display my TSQL scripts in the original formatting. Unfortunately it does not maintain that original formatting in all areas.

The specific case I ran into deals with the word “TEXT.” When using that word as a part of a FOR XML Path statement, it gets upper cased. Upper case version of text is not a valid command for the FOR XML Path statement. It will cause an error. The code still showed it as lower case when I went to edit it, but the display of the code was what was changed.

The only workaround is to leave a note stating that it should be LCASE instead of UCASE.

Exercise Catch up

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Published on: April 30, 2010

Well, once again I haven’t been very diligent in posting exercise success.

Quick recap – this week I did 10.75 miles on tuesday and 5.25 miles on thursday. Monday and wednesday were strength and conditioning.

I was toasted after the Tuesday workout. I maintained about 170HR and 7m27 per mile. Now I need to start transferring that to the roads.

Thursday workout was about 7m31 per mile. I wanted to take it easy but I have a hard time with that.

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