Exercise update 4.15.2010

Well, it has been quite a while since I last updated on my exercise routine.  Some of that is due to being caught up in the work routine and not exercising.  Some of that is because I started to question whether I should be blogging that information like that.  Posting what time you exercise and then if it becomes a pattern – seems to be very predictable.

Both are lame excuses.

I have resumed exercise.  I am working on a routine currently and am about to take that routine up to two-a-days.  I like two-a-day workouts.  They are hard on the body – but the rewards are high.  I am hoping that it will be enough to kick my butt into gear for a while.  Then I will back off to single workouts and then back to two-a-days in preparation for marathon season.  I will allow myself two to three weeks (off two-a-days) before the first marathon to let the body recover.

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