I am now 3/4 done with the pure torture of finishing this series.  Could it get any more sappy, whiny, and boring?

I am trying really hard to find anything of real good to pull from these books.  Teenage (yawn) romance.  I hope the last book gets better.  I have even been skipping big chunks and still am not missing a beat with the story.  There is no real climax in this book.  You might call that battle in the forest the climax, but it was so poorly described.  Many pages wasted on describing and re-describing non-essential items in the book.  Why do we need to repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat some more the same descriptions, the same plot – blah blah blah.

The book could have been immensely better if not for the gaping holes in the story (unrelated to skipping the descriptive crap that was repetitive).  I also thought it was the wrong move to allow the youngling to be killed by Jane.

Oh well, just another book that was not worth the time it took to read it.

Rating: D

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