February 2010 S3OLV Recap

For the month of February, I conducted the S3OLV meeting virtually from the confines of home in Utah.  As you may know, I have moved from Vegas back to Utah.  Despite having moved away from […]

Feb 2011 S3OLV Meeting

I am getting this out extremely late.  I seriously have good excuses for that.  Due to my location and Charley feeling ill, we will be doing the S3OLV UG meeting entirely virtual this month. Here […]

January 2011 Meeting Recap

One week ago today the Las Vegas User group held our monthly meeting.  One week ago today, at that meeting, we had our best attendance in over a year.  It sure felt good to have […]

January ’11 Meeting Reminder

If you saw my blog post the other day, you know that S3OLV has a meeting this Thursday (Jan 13, 2010) at 6:30 PM PST.  If not, then you can read that post from here, […]

December 2010 SSSOLV Reminder

Here is a quick reminder and a repost of the announcement from last week. This month we will be broadcasting the meeting once again.  This month the technology bug will not bite us like last […]

December 2010 S3OLV Meeting

It is amazing how the months just seem to fly by these days.  I probably say that every month.  It seems appropriate though. This month we will be broadcasting the meeting once again.  This month […]

November S3OLV Recap

Last Thursday we had the monthly meeting for our local PASS chapter.  I would normally try to get the recap out a bit sooner.  This month, I intentionally delayed the recap.  We had a plethora […]

S3OLV Nov Reminder

This is a last minute reminder about the monthly S3OLV User Group meeting.  It is being held on Nov. 4th, the first Thursday of the month rather than the second Thursday of the month. You […]

November Snuck Up on Me

I should have gotten this post out last week with another follow-up this week.  Well, looks like I will have to get a couple out this week to try to remind people.  This month SSSOLV […]

My SQLSat54 Experience

In case you hadn’t heard SQLSaturday #54 was Oct 23 in Salt Lake City.  It was a dreary opening to the Deer hunt, and a good morning to be inside to learn about SQL Server. […]