Auditing and Event SubClasses

A recent discussion got me to thinking about Auditing.  To be honest, it got started with a complaint about some documentation that seemed overly light about the various fields related to auditing as it stands […]

Can you partition a temporary table?

Reading that title, you might sit and wonder why you would ever want to partition a temporary table.  I too would wonder the same thing.  That withstanding, it is an interesting question that I wanted […]

Supported Compatibility Levels in SQL Server

It has been well documented and is well known that SQL Server supports certain older versions of SQL Server in a compatibility mode.  This setting is something that can be configured on the database properties […]

Missing Indexes Script v2

As is the case for many DB professionals, I am always tweaking (not twerking) and refining the missing indexes script to try and make it more robust and a little more accurate.

T-SQL Tuesday #54 – Interviews and Hiring

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Boris Hristov (blog|twitter) and his chosen topic is “Interviews and Hiring” – specifically interviewing and hiring of SQL Server Professionals.   This is a pretty interesting topic from a few […]

Omaha BI/SQL User Group – What?

I recently received an email from this guy named John Morehouse (blog | twitter) about the Omaha SQL/BI User Group Meeting in May. Imagine my surprise when reading the email and discovering that I was presenting. […]